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Store Hours

Our store is open Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. We are also available during the week. For more information, to set an appointment or place an order, just call 860-779-0837.

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Creamery Brook Bison


The History Of Bison:


The buffalo was fully used by the Native American populations from the plains. They depended on the buffalo for survival and honored it in sacred ceremonies. The entire buffalo was put to use. For the Native Americans, the buffalo could be described as an "all-purpose supply store." Those parts not used for food were still used - they became clothing, tools, furnishings, ceremonial objects and weapons.



We Now Bring the Bison to You:


Creamery Brook Bison was established as a buffalo farm in 1990. We raise buffalo on our farm in Brooklyn, CT. Buffalo meat has been described as the "original health food." With fewer calories and less cholesterol than beef, chicken and turkey, it is certainly a healthy red meat.

Because we sell only meat that has been raised on our own farm, we can assure you that there are absolutely NO hormones and NO antibiotics fed to our animals. We feed only corn and grass. The animals are allowed to roam in pastures where they can be watched and enjoyed by the public, yet still find plenty of places to wander to, when they don't care to be seen, or just want to enjoy the shade on a warm day.